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Chairman of the Board and Governor: H.E. Mr. Hussein Yahya Jangoul
First Deputy Governor: Dr. Badr Eddin Abdel Rahim Ibrahim  
Deputy Governor: Mr. Al Mu`tasim Abdullah Al Faki  
Sudan Banks Union
Country: Republic of Sudan
Establishment Date: 01/01/1994
Headquarters Address: Khartoum East - Al Jomhoriya Street - Sudan
P.O. Box: 12597 Khartoum
Tel.: (+249)-183-742586/785550
Fax: (+249)-183-776419/785015
Membership in the UAB: Observer Member
Objectives & Functions
1. Organizing, controlling and supervising the issuance of the various forms and denominations of the Sudanese currency.
2. Annually formulating the monetary and credit policy in consonance with fiscal policy objectives and the broad economic and social goals of the National Economy besides monitoring the implementation of that policy.
3. Organizing, controlling, supervising and developing and promoting the banking business in the country to effectively serve realization of sustainable and balanced economic and social development.
4. Realization of stable Exchange rate for the Sudanese currency to serve realization of macroeconomic stability at large.
5. Serve as a bank to the government and as a financial advisor and agent to it in the monetary and financial affairs.
6. Abide by the Islamic Sharia principles in performing the controlling and supervisory duties and responsibilities over the banking system.