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Governor: H.E. Dr. Marwan Abbasi
Deputy Governor: H.E. Mrs Nadia Gamha
Union des Banques Maghrebines
Country: Republic of Tunisia
Establishment Date: 07/12/1990
Headquarters Address: `Maison du Banquier` - 2ème étage - 13, Rue Omar Ibn Kaddeh - Montplaisir / 1073 Tunis
P.O. Box: 67/1053 Les Berge du Lac – Tunis
Tel.: (+216)-70 131 380 / 70 131 381
Fax: (+216)-71 904 324
Membership in the UAB: Non Member
Objectives & Functions
1. Setting up the rules and principles of bookkeeping management and the prudential norms.
2. Exercising and maintaining the privilege of currency issue.
3. Controlling the monetary, financial and economic rules and regulations in the country within sound policies.
4. The Central Bank of Tunisia has been endowed with an injunction power, preceded by a warning, so as to impose on any bank, when it
5. Appears warranted, to proceed mainly to: an increase of its capital, a ban on any distribution of dividends, and formation of reserves.
6. Organizing foreign exchange policies.
7. Taking the following decisions: invite bank`s shareholders to provide the bank with the necessary support, organize the contribution of all banks, & appoint a temporary administrator.
8. Advising the government on financial & economic issues. Exercising effective control on the banking sector.
9. Controlling and managing the credit, monetary and banking policies.
10. Undertaking the function of the bank of the government within the limits prescribed in the law.
11. Acting as the bank of the banks.