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Governor: H.E. Dr. Hazem Younis Karful
First Deputy Governor: Dr. Mohamed Hamra
Deputy Governor: Dr. Mohamed Essam Hazeema
Association Professionnelle Tunisienne des Banques et des Etablissements Financiers
Country: Republic of Tunisia
Establishment Date: 04/1972
Headquarters Address: 13, Rue Omar Ibn Kaddeh Montplaisir
P.O. Box: 45-1002 Tunis / Belevedere
Tel.: (+216)-70-147320
Fax: (+216)-71-903.846
Membership in the UAB: Observer Member
Objectives & Functions
1. Exercising the exclusive right for issuing the national currency both notes and coins.
2. Undertaking the function of the bank of the government and it`s financial authorised signer, internally and externally.
3. Managing the treasury and the public foreign exchange reserves of the government.
4. Undertaking the function of the bank of all banks, being the lender of last resort.
5. Controlling and supervising all banks insuring the effectiveness of the banking system, within the rules of the Currency and Credit Bureau.