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The Arab Banking Conference for 2017 Mechanisms & Requirements for Sustainable Development in the Arab World

Under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Jordan H.E. Dr. Hany Fawzi Al-Mulki

The Arab Banking Conference for 2017 “ Mechanisms & Requirements for Sustainable Development in the Arab World ”

In accordance with UAB 44th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

2nd & 3rd of April, 2017 landmark hotel Amman - Jordan


“Mechanisms and Requirements for Sustainable Development in the Arab World”, is the theme of the Arab Banking Conference for 2017, that the Union of Arab Banks (UAB), will be organizing in order to launch a real Arab dialogue on development, where ideas and experiences will be shared to set the foundations that enable the Arab countries to face the challenges confronting the development process. This dialogue will be a gateway for setting a comprehensive Arab path for all categories of Arab societies, and their economic, financial and governmental institutions.

Focusing on sustainable development nowadays is based on the current Arab situation, which requires all Arab countries to seriously consider the reasons behind the decline in development in the Arab region, and thus search for a development model which emerges from the particularity and culture of the Arab region and based on the factors of unity and convergence.

Achieving the vision of sustainable development in the Arab world necessitates developing the Arab joint action system with its various development institutions and mechanisms, activating public private partnership to achieve a real development partnership between governments and civil society, in addition to assigning the duties through integrating technology and contemporary plans in the Arab developmental action. Furthermore, deepening economic integration based on a comprehensive vision, which adopts a development strategy built on cooperation and integration.

The convening of the “Arab Banking Conference for 2017” in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has several developmental dimensions in the Arab region, due to the Kingdom’s pivotal role as a communication bridge between all the Arab countries, and its distinguished development experience ranging from economic reforms, to combating unemployment, and recording high growth rates, in addition to its important role in embracing Arab conferences and summits.


Financing for development
Promising investment opportunities and requirements for improving the investment environment
The role of the banking sector in financing development and enhancing financial stability
The role of financial markets in financing economic development
Small and Medium Enterprises: The Road to Development
Financial Inclusion

A Development Strategy based on Cooperation and Integration
The concept of economic partnership and its role in development
Financing partnership between the public and private sectors in infrastructure projects
The exchange of information on investment opportunities among Arab countries
Investment in the Arab food security
Islamic Economy and its role in enhancing Financial and Social Stability

Discussing the idea of establishing an Arab Investment Fund to support the Palestinian National Economy
Developmental measures of the Fund in Supporting the Palestinian Economy
The establishment of a committee from Arab banks to manage this fund
Determine the developmental tasks of the Fund and the its participation mechanisms
Setting the legal frameworks for the Fund
Convey this experience on other Arab countries

The future of the Arab Economies in a Changing World
International and regional political changes and their impact on the Arab economy
The Requirements for developing Arab economies
The economic, financial, social and human consequences of war and conflicts
The Green Economy: a mechanism for sustainability and addressing climate change
Arab “Marshall Program” to lead the rebuilding and reconstruction phase
Develop a common Arab vision to promote stability in the region

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