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The Annual Arab Banking Conference for 2018


On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Union of Arab Banks, the Union will hold the 'MENA Banking and Finance Week' from 13 to 16 November 2018, which includes 3 main events: 

  1. China - Arab Business & Banking Forum (Tuesday 13/11/2018)
  2. Arbitration in the Resolution of banking and commercial disputes Forum  (Wednesday 14/11/2018),
  3. Annual Arab Banking Conference (Thursday and Friday 15-16/11/2018) entitled 'Public Private Partnership for achieving SDGs'. 

The Annual Arab Banking Conference for 2018 

“Public Private Partnership for achieving SDGs”


The interest in public-private partnership had increased since the early 1990s, when it became clear that economic and social development depends on mobilizing all society’s potentials, including resources and expertise of public and private sectors. For that, developed and developing countries have attempted to build relationships in which all sectors of the society contribute in the unification, management, operation, expansion and development of projects and enterprises in order to serve their purposes on the basis of effective participation, sound governance, transparent accountability, and mutual benefit. 

In 2015, the United Nations set a Development Agenda, based on financing for development, to reduce vulnerability in social, environmental and economic structures. The Heads of States and Governments met in July 2015 in Addis Ababa to re-affirm their commitment to address financing challenges and to create an enabling environment for sustainable development at all levels. The United Nations Development Program called for a renewed global partnership to promote actions to eradicate poverty and empower women, provide quality education, afford decent employment and end hunger and malnutrition. 

In line with the challenges facing the Arab region today, which hinder the achievement of the comprehensive and sustainable development, and based on the Development Goals of the new Millennium, the Union of Arab Banks organizes its annual Arab Banking Conference in 2018 under the title: 'Public Private Partnership for achieving SDGs', as the partnership between public and private sectors is the mechanisms to provide specific services, and since the private sector partnership has become a common term for businesses and governments, particularly for economic development. Noting that decision-makers in the Arab region have become aware of the importance of private sector participation in achieving sustainable development, by highlighting the significant role of the private sector in the strategic economic transformation plans of the Arab countries, such as the “2030 Vision” for Saudi Arabic, Egypt and all Arab Countries. 

The idea of linking partnership and development stems from the fact that public and private sectors possess particular advantages and benefits that can be combined to achieve sustainable development goals, especially as these goals are difficult to be achieved by each sector individually. Private sector institutions provide financial resources and management expertise as well as quality control. The civil society organizations provide local knowledge and commitment to the society, while the public sector is responsible about organization and strategic coordination. 


The conference aims to develop a roadmap to deal with the economic and social challenges in the Arab region, and to highlight the importance of the Arab private sector contribution in financing sustainable development in its various forms, by mobilizing financial resources, especially the Arab banking sector, in addition to clarifying the relationship between sustainable development and public-private partnership, in addition to focusing on the role of this partnership in achieving sustainable development. 


The role of Governments, Central Banks and Financial Institutions in achieving sustainable development goals 

Partnership for Development

- Partnership among the Arab countries

- Requirements of successful PPP Public-Private Partnership

- Sustainable Development Challenges in the Arab Countries

- The Public-Private-Civil Society partnership in Arab countries

- Partnership between Arab countries and the international organizations and development  banks 

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals and Voluntary National Reviews

- The reality of development in the Arab region

- The achieved sustainable development goals

- How to achieve all sustainable development goals in the Arab region 

Achieving Sustainable development goals through Entrepreneurship and Innovation

- Create a conducive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship

- Investing in human capital

- Government initiatives supporting innovation and technical progress

The legislative and institutional frameworks necessary for the success of Partnerships

- Legislation and laws

- Providing an effective monitoring system

- Establishing arbitration mechanisms 

Economic Empowerment & Financial Sustainability in the MENA Region



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