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The 9th Annual Risk Management Forum In Arab Banks

The 9th Annual Risk Management Forum in Arab Banks
4-5 July 2019 Beirut–Lebanon


In response to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) introduced a comprehensive and wide-ranging strengthening of global bank standards, most notably through the Basel III framework.

The ultimate objective of this framework is to ensure minimum standards of resilience so that financial firms are less likely to fail, and to reduce the impact on the financial system and the economy in case they do.

Most Supervisory authorities in the Arab region have taken significant actions to adopt to Basel III, and other actions are still to be taken. So, what remains of the regulatory reform agenda in the Arab region? And what more can be done toward achieving the objectives of post crisis reform.

The 9th meeting of Chief Risk Officers and Risk managers in the Arab region will discuss current priorities of Risk Management for Arab banks and will provide a platform for professional dialogue among Risk practitioners.


This Forum addresses the key challenges that Arab banks face. A good understanding of how banks incur and manage risks provides the background to the more efficient ways that should be used to mitigate each type of Risk.

This Forum will also define major international and regional initiatives in light of the global financial crisis, especially the implementation of the Basel III package of regulatory reforms, and it will present some regional reform programs and future work to strengthen the resilience of banks in the Arab region, by an elite group of experts from Basel Committee and Lebanon, the Arab region and some specialized international institutions.

Basel III: Past, Present & Future
The Evolving Challenges facing CROs in the MENA Region
Basel IV & IFRS 9: Interaction, Impact & Value creation
IFRS 9 : Lessons Learned and the way going forward
Introduction to CHO
Proportionality in the Implementation of the International Standards
Revisions to the Standardized Approach for Credit Risk
After Basel III – The Regulatory & Supervisory Agenda
IFRS 9: Qualitative Assessment and Strategic Implications
Governance & Operational Resilience
   - Operational Resilience.
     -  Emerging Risks with Digital transformation
   -  Model Risk
How to get your board, audit committee, and senior manager comfortable with your risk systems; some experiences gained in Europe.
Regulatory and Supervisory Challenges
      - Banking in a turbulent world: Financial Stability

Who should attend this Forum?

Bank Regulators
Chief Risk Officers (CROs) & Risk Managers in Banks
Internal Auditors in Banks
Financial Officers in Banks

An Elite group of local, Arab and Int'l speakers will cover this forum includes:

Mr. Marc Farag, member of Basel Committee Secretariat, Bank of International Settlements, Basel - Switzerland
Mr. Neil Esho, Co-chair, Basel consultative group (BCG) - Switzerland
Mr. Tarek El Khouly, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, bank SAIB - Egypt
Dr. Riad Obegi, Chairman & General Manager– Banque Bemo – Lebanon
Mr. Duraid Al Asfoor, Director of Banking Supervision Department, Central Bank of Oman - Sultanate of Oman
Mr. Mohamad Amaireh, Executive Director, Financial Stability Dept. – Central Bank of Jordan - Jordan
Mr. Rabih Nehme, Director, Head of risk assessment department at BCCL - Lebanon
Mr. Mohamad El Khalil, Associate Director DFSA - Dubai
Mr. Ken Coghill, Associate Director, Operational Risk, Supervision, Dubai Financial Services Authority, Dubai, UAE
Expert from Arab Monetary Fund (TBC)
Mr. Maged Fanous, Chief Risk Officer, Bank Boubyan - Kuwait
Mrs. Nada Rizkallah, Deputy General Manager, Chief Risk Officer CRO, Credit Libanais Group - Lebanon
Mr. Gerard Rizk, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Blom Bank - Lebanon
Mr. Ali Kazimi, General Manager, Hansuke consulting - London
Mr. Hanna Sarraf, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), BankMed - Lebanon
Mr. Khaled Nassib Abdel Samad, Assistant General Manager & responsible of Governance, Risk, Compliance & Financial Institutions at Lebanon and Gulf Bank SAL - Lebanon
Mr. Antoine Meouchi, Group Head Risk integration & Analytics, Bank Audi – Lebanon.
Mr. Roger Kumra, Senior Director, Moody's Credit Assessment Solutions & Analytics Services RiskMatrix  Ltd, Larnaca, Cyprus
Mr. Mohamed Daoud, Business Development Director, Governance, Risk & Compliance - Refinitiv - UAE
Dr. Mohammad Fheili, Bank Advisor - Lebanon
Expert from int'l audit firms (TBC)

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