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SMEs: The Road to Economic Development and Social Justice

SMEs: The Road to Economic Development and Social Justice
19-20 July 2017 Amman - Jordan

The role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is gaining more significance in the development of the national economy, in combating unemployment and poverty, and in promoting the entrepreneurial ambition of youth and enabling them to face the difficult economic conditions.

Today, policy makers in developed and developing countries dedicate great attention to the promotion and development of SMEs, where previous experiences confirm that the development of these establishments is considered as one of the most important foundations of social and economic development. This in particular because of the ability of SMEs to cope with fluctuations and changes resulting from the political, social and security economic developments taking place in the Arab world, compared to the huge institutions and projects. The simple structure of SMEs protects them from potential risks and provides them with higher flexibility than larger institutions.

While SMEs are considered the main drivers of the economy because of their ability to create jobs and promote economic and social development, the access to financing remains a major impediment, due to the lack of guarantees they can provide to banks, in addition to high administrative costs.

In light of the above,UAB will be organizing this forum to shed light on the role of SMEs due to the growing interest in these enterprises from both public and private sectors. In addition to their capacity to absorb manpower, they form a platform for the development of administrative, technical, production and marketing skills, and opening up a wide range of self-employment opportunities.


The Role of SMEs and microenterprises in supporting Economic and Social Development.
Strategies and mechanisms for funding and supporting SMEs.
Financial Inclusion policies: a platform to support SMEs and microenterprises.
Funding problems and constraints.
Economic empowerment of women in the development of small and medium enterprises.
The role of banking sector, international financial institutions and risk Guarantee Institutions in supporting SMEs.
Islamic banking and its role in financing SMEs - formulas and products.
The prospects of SMEs development in the Arab countries.
Creativity, Innovation & Support of Entrepreneurship efforts the road to the future.


Working papers and panel discussions presented and moderated by senior bankers and businessmen thus allowing for more informative, in-depth and useful sessions.
Real life case studies presented by entrepreneurs about establishing and managing SMEs.
An exhibition for sponsoring institutions where by the participating institutions and companies would be able to establish and develop business ties.


By attending this forum and benefiting from the valuable discussions brought by internationally renowned speakers, and meeting fellow peers from the regional and international fronts
By sponsoring the activities of the forum and benefiting from the wide range of privileges (marketing, branding, media recognition, etc…)

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