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Small & Medium Enterprises and its effect on Women Empowerment

Small & Medium Enterprises and its effect on Women Empowerment
6-7 August 2018 Intercontinental Hotel Amman - Jordan


Small and Medium Enterprises obtain the attention of a wide range of societies in both developed and developing countries, as they represent one of the main economic and social leverages for development of national economy, especially in this era full of challenges, which requires the adoption of developmental economic projects in light of the increase in poverty and unemployment, and thus the role of small and medium enterprises in promoting theof youth entrepreneurial ambitionshas increased, especially for women, enabling them to overcome the difficult economic conditions.

It is obvious and evident today that the simple structure of small and medium enterprises and their unsophisticated nature enable them to cope with the updates and changes resulting from political, social and economic challenges the Arab World witnesstoday, compared to large projects and institutions. Hence, the development of small and medium enterprises is of great importance to decision-makers in all developed and developing countries because of its potential to create employment opportunities for youth, and especially among Arab women who are gaining a status in Arab societies as a key player in the national economies.

Despite the active participation of women in the labor market, which generally looks better than before, their participation rate is still below the women economic empowerment level sought by most Arab organizations. This is due to the general conditions of the labor market and the lack of access to finance, in addition to the conflict between social traditions and women's rights, and the immature and the improperly oriented educational and training policies.

In light of the above, the Union of Arab Banks, will organize this forum to shed light on the areas of financing for small and medium enterprises, and theirlarge capacity of job creation,and on the effective economic role of Arab women, which reduces the pressures on the public sector, and on empowering women to play an active role in promoting economic development in their societies.

Topics of Discussions

- SME funding and supporting strategies and mechanisms to enhance economic and social development.
- Financial Inclusion policies as a platform to support SMEs and microenterprises and the development of creativity and innovation.
- The role of banking sector, the international financial institutions, and risk guarantee institutions in supporting SMEs.
- Promoting the growth of innovative SMEs that have the ability to compete on the international level.
- SMEs and their role in the development of creativity and innovation.
- Legislation, laws and regulations that empower women economically
- Building women's leadership capabilities and their skills in ICT field.
- Economic and development policies that take into consideration the economic and social development needs of women


- Presenting working papers and panel discussions moderated by senior bankers, businessmen, and firms interested in SMEs and women empowerment, in addition to financial and banking institutions.
- Real life case studies presented by entrepreneurs about establishing and managing SMEs.
- An exhibition accompanying the forum, which includes the sponsoring institutions, allowing for the establishment and development of commercial relationships.

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