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Sharm El Sheikh: Enhancing financial stability Forum

Sharm El Sheikh: Enhancing financial stability Forum
7 - 9 July 2017 - Hyatt Regency Hotel - Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt


Financial stability is the state in which the financial system is able to resist unforeseen shocks. Accordingly, any financial system composed of financial institutions, financial markets and infrastructure is considered stable if it can ensure the efficient distribution of its financial resources and can achieve its macroeconomic objectives even in times of stress or crisis. So, given the enormous economic and social costs incurred by financial crises, achieving financial stability remains at the forefront of the objectives of central banks and regulators in various countries of the world.

The increasing trend towards globalization and financial liberalization and the associated markets integration and free movement of capital, has raised the issue of financial stability at the top of the list of concerns in certain countries, and hence the issue of macro-banking supervision becomes very important. And as a result of previous experiences related to applying the policy of financial and banking liberalization, the monetary authorities and supervisory bodies are now sure that their policies must be accompanied by effective supervision of the banking system to avoid any improper practices.

Maintaining financial stability has become an increasingly important goal for economy policymakers, and the interconnection and safety of the basic components of any financial system, governs the efficiency of the performance of the whole system, so any disorder in one of its elements can weaken the stability of the entire system, and this is exactly what happened after the global financial crisis, which stressed on the importance of restructuring the global financial system by supporting its components and enhancing the prudential regulatory procedures at the macro and micro levels.

The UAB forum “Enhancing Financial Stability”, which will be organized in Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt, will discuss the importance of supporting and enhancing financial stability through achieving a high level efficiency in the performance of all the components of the financial system, with emphasis on the importance of the coordination required between the monetary and financial policies and the role of Central Banks in maintaining financial stability, as well as discussing the role of financial markets and mechanism of supporting infrastructure to reduce systemic risk and achieve financial stability.


This forum will highlight the mechanisms required to enhance financial stability and the challenges facing the global financial system, in addition to the importance of the coordination needed between the monetary and financial policies, as well as discussing enhancing the role of central banks and financial markets in achieving financial and economic stability.

It will also tackle the latest amendments made on the international and regional initiatives in light of the impact of the global financial crisis. This in addition to hosting elite and distinguished experts from the Arab world and from International specialized Institutions who will discuss and review the strategies and tools that can contribute directly or indirectly to financial stability.


Impact of the coordination between the monetary and financial policies on achieving the stability of prices and creating jobs.

The role of early warning systems and financial crisis forecasting to face cyclical risks.

The role of central banks and the macro Prudential Regulatory supervision on achieving and maintaining financial stability.

Arab and international cooperation in combating money laundering and terrorism financing to achieve financial stability.

The expected role of local and regional payment and settlement systems and its impact on enhancing financial stability.

The role of financial markets in supporting stability and economic growth.

SWFs and hedge funds and their impact on the regional development and the Arab financial system.

Strategies to enhance financial inclusion and support small and medium enterprises to achieve financial stability.

The impact of shadow banking on the stability of the global financial system.

The inter-relationship between credit expansion and financial stability.

The impact of banking governance and sound risk management practices in enhancing financial stability.


Chairman & General Managers of Arab Banks
Presidents and directors of insurance companies, financial leasing and investment banks.
Directors and key employees of Arab central banks.
Directors and deputies of the Arab supervisory and regulatory bodies.
Risk Department heads and deputies in Arab banks.
Heads and deputies in the credit and finance management departments.
Compliance managers and deputies in banks and financial institutions.
Internal audit Directors and employees in banks and financial institutions.
Directors and their deputies in finance institutions and regional and international funds.


- Working papers and panel discussions presented and moderated by senior bankers and business men thus allowing for more informative, in-depth and useful sessions
- An exhibition for sponsoring institutions whereby the participating institutions and companies would be able to establish and develop business ties.

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