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In its modern concept, Retail Banking has become an essential element in the success of a bank and a crucial foundation of Financial Inclusion. The bank’s mission has expanded from simply attracting deposits for the sole purpose of lending it to the traditional economic sectors, to cover all aspects of the individual’s life and to satisfy his various consumer needs. This has coincided with the technological advancement and the bigger role of the internet and digital information in the individual’s everyday life.

In our current time, the retail banking is looking to offer a full spectrum of key services, which are fast and safe, in order to provide customers with more tailored solutions.

With the rapid growth of Digital and Electronic commerce platforms, it is now required to spread this type of banking knowledge and to shed light on the latest technologies and the challenges it faces in order to increase the size of modern banking products and to increase the bank’s sale numbers which will result in achieving a wider expansion and a higher profitability.

In addition to that, banks must increase and diversify their investments in the field of electronic and digital banking by using the latest innovative technologies in order to offer the best customer service through modern retail banking concept while ensuring the least expensive and fastest ways and the highest levels of simplicity, security and safety.
Who should attend this workshop:

Heads of Retail Banking and their main deputies in banks
Employees in the retail banking departments in banks
Employees in the credit departments in banks
Branch Managers and their main deputies in banks


Participants in this forum, organized for the first time by the Union of Arab Banks, will gain an in-depth knowledge of the modern concept of retail banking and the latest electronic and digital technologies used by banks in promoting their modern banking products. This forum will represent a brainstorming platform among the heads of retail banking in the Arab banks during which they will share their knowledge and expertise in order to come up with the best practices that ensure the best services for the customers.

Main Topics:

Latest developments in electronic services
Role of the future branches in banks.
The substitute customer service banking channel.
Retail Risk Management.
Digital Marketing.
Future requirements of the retail banking’s infrastructure.
How to face the international, regional and local challenges facing the retail banking strategy.
Disruptive Innovation.
Retail Banking Technology Strategy to match the dramatic shift in consumers’behaviour.
Retail Banking (Financial Inclusion or Integrated Approach in Retail).
National Banks’ role in achieving financial inclusion.
How are Retail Banks moving towards Digitization?
Redefining Client Experience Management
Strategic Planning for retail banking services (Arabic Comparative experiences)
Retail Banking Services in Islamic Banking
Customer Protection & unified experience for retail banking.


Mrs. Jocelyn Chahwan, Assistant General Manager, Head of Retail Banking – Blom Bank, Lebanon.
Mr. Elie Abou Khalil, Head of Group Retail Products Development, Group Consumer Banking Division - Byblos Bank, Lebanon.
Mr. Philippe Al Hajj, Deputy General Manager, Head of Retail Banking and Branch Network - Fransabank, Lebanon.
Mr. Rafael Ajram, Assistant General Manager, Retail Banking and Marketing - USB Bank, Cyprus.
Mr. Fadi Flaihan, Head of Retail Banking - Bankmed, Lebanon
Mr. Tarek Saber Mitri, Deputy General Manager, Head of Mortgages Financing - Arab African International Bank, Egypt.
Mrs. Rana Al Asaad, Head of Personal Banking - Al Khaliji Commercial Bank, Qatar (TBC).
Mr. Alaaeddine Zaki, Head of Retail Banking - National Bank of Egypt.
Mr. Nabil Tabbara, General Manager, Visa International - Levant.
Mr. Hisham Hammoud, EVP - Chief Business Officer - Ajman Bank, United Arab Emirates. (TBC)
Dr. Jamal Abu Obaid, Executive Director Strategic Planning and Research Department Housing Bank for Trade and Finance - Jordan.

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