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Forum: Green Banking: the road to Sustainable Development

Forum: Green Banking: the road to Sustainable Development
26-28 July, 2018 Baron Palas Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada- Egypt


Green banking contributes in the adoption of environmental friendly practices and in reducing the carbon footprint from banking activities. Hence, many banks are turning to green banking to improve asset qualities and contribute to sustainable development by channeling low-cost financial support to low-carbon clean energy projects as well as directing financial markets to invest in clean energy.

The banking sector acts as a mediator between economic development and the preservation and protection of the environment through green banking practices which contribute in the enhancement of environment and social sustainability, and to achieve growth for both the banking sector and the economy as a whole, while maintaining the integrity of the environment and adhering the criteria of natural resources conservation. The aspects of Green Banking and its impact on sustainable development includes: green economies, food security, corporate social responsibility, public-private partnerships, as well as financing programs and projects that mitigate the impact of climate change and global warming, in addition to SMEs which represent an important hub for sustainable development, through digital transformation and the expanded reliance on financial innovations of technology.

Despite the prudential measures included in Basel III requirements related to liquidity and capital adequacy, and which was announced after the global financial crisis, banks, as entities responsible for corporate social responsibility, must play a major role in protecting the environment and thus contribute in the achievement of sustainable development goals.


This forum will shed light on the concept of green banking and sustainable development with its economic, social and environmental measures, the impact of climate change on banking and financial services, the role of central banks and banks in sustainable development through green banking, in addition to green banking mechanisms to enhance financial inclusion and SMEs. It will also tackle the importance of digital transformation and its compliance to corporate governance in enhancing future banking services.

The forum will also explore the best practices of green banking, sustainable financing, reviewing the experiences of countries, the role of corporate social responsibility in achieving sustainable development, and the role of the financial sector and the regulatory and supervisory bodies in managing environmental and social risks while applying green banking, all this through selected and distinguished financial and banking experts in the Arab world.


- Green banking with its economic and social measures and its role in promoting sustainable development and the environment.
- Strategies of central banks and commercial banks for the transition to green banking.
- The impact of climate change on banking and financial services.
- Public-private partnerships to develop and promote green banking.
- The role of green banking in supporting digital transformation and enhancing financial inclusion.
- Green banking and the enhancement of corporate social responsibility for sustainable development.
- The impact of green banking on sustainable financing of SMEs to enhance financial inclusion.
- Governance mechanisms for supporting sustainable development in the Arab world.
- Managing environmental and social risks in the context of green banking.


- Chairmen and General Managers of Arab banks.
- Directors and key employees of Arab central banks.
- Credit and finance managers and their assistant managers.
- Managers of strategies and business systems and their main collaborators
- Compliance and governance managers and their senior officials from banks and financial institutions.
- Risk managers and assistant managers in Arab banks.
- Managers of Corporate Communication, Public Relations and Community Service.
- Managers and staff of the IT department of banks and financial institutions.
- Directors and their senior assistants in finance institutions and regional and international funds.
- Chairman and Managers in organizations and bodies concerned with the environment and renewable energy


- Presenting working papers and panel discussions moderated by Arab & International senior bankers, thus allowing for more informative, in-depth and useful sessions

- An exhibition accompanying the forum, which includes the sponsoring institutions, allowing for the establishment and development of commercial relationships.      

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