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Chief Risk Officers in Arab Banks Forum:The Road to Basel 4

Chief Risk Officers in Arab Banks Forum:The Road to Basel 4
30/3 - 1/4 , 2019 Helnan Palestine Hotel Alexandria – Egypt

The Chief Risk Officers (CROs) in Arab Banks Forum, to be held by the Union of Arab Banks, is a platform to keep up with the expectations and orientations of many concerned international organizations and Regulatory and Supervisory authorities, notably the Basel committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), especially after it published in December 2017 the final document that included a set of reform revisions to the standardized approaches for measuring and managing credit and operational risks, and which is considered as a final revision to Basel III, paving the way for what is expected to be called Basel IV.

These revisions and amendments are in the direction of correcting the course previously adopted in these standardized approaches and the reasons behind these amendments, as well as for narrowing the gap between the standardized and internal approaches. In addition to that, Basel Committee has published in January 2019 the final amendments to the market risk calculation methods, and are expected to be implemented by first of January 2022.

In order to keep pace and comply with the Basel Committee’s new guidelines for measuring and managing risk and its impact on our Arab banks, the Union of Arab Banks hold this forum to shed light on these amendments, on the policies, procedures and the follow up of risk measurement, and to identify the basic requirements of banks for implementing these amendments, as well as measuring the capital adequacy, and to highlight the availability of the required information systems, human resources and appropriate expertise for such adjustments with the aim of elevating risk departments to levels that replicate internationally recognized standards and practices, both practically and theoretically, and raising awareness among the banking, financial and corporate sectors in the Arab world on the importance of adopting and applying internationally recognized risk management techniques and methods.

Explain and discuss the new reforms of Basel Committee guidelines aimed at modifying the standardized approach of credit and operational risks and the reasons underlying these suggestions.
Explain the main challenges facing our Arab banks in the implementation of IFRS 9, which came into effect last year and how to deal with these challenges.
Review the new methodology for calculating capital requirements to face operational risks.
Shedding light on the final market risk amendments (The last paper).

The Road to Basel IV: An Overview of the Final Post-Crisis amendments and its Objectives
The role of central banks in the implementation of the proposed amendments and strategies of banks 2022
Substantial amendments and prudential procedures in the standard methodology for measuring credit risk
Analysis of the fundamental changes in the methodology for measuring credit risk according to internal rating base approach
Components of credit risk: (Basis of calculation and significant differences between Basel and IFRS 9
Effect of IFRS 9 on regulatory capital.
Final adjustments in market risk calculation methodologies (standard methodology and internal model)
New methodology for calculating capital requirements to meet operational risks
New approach to calculate the leverage ratio and dealing with systemically important banks
Expected effects on banks as a result of modification and techniques of implementation

Arab Central Banks Leaders
Employees of the banking regulatory and supervisory departments
Basel project managers and their senior assistants
Chairmen and directors of risk and their senior assistants
Heads of financial control departments and their senior assistants
Managers of internal audit in banks and their senior assistants

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