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Arbitration in the Resolution of banking and commercial disputes Forum

Arbitration in the Resolution of banking and commercial disputes Forum
14 November, 2018 Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel Beirut - Lebanon

The aim of the 'Arbitration in the Resolution of Banking and Commercial Disputes' conference is to highlight the importance of mediation and arbitration in dealing with key legal issues related to banking and commercial investment as well as financing contracts for companies, individuals and financial institutions. It also sheds light on the complexities of banking and financial relations, considering the multitude of parties involved in cross-border transactions.

The forum will also play a major role in developing and raising the awareness of participants regarding the types of legal disputes that arise as a result of transactions that have developed between banks, investors and customers on one hand, and between banking and financial institutions on the other. Moreover, the forum aims at emphasizing the importance of the Mediation and Arbitration Center at the Union of Arab Banks in settling Arab banking disputes and laying down appropriate grounds for financial, legal and administrative settlements that serve as a guiding framework for resolving problems and disputes. 



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