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3rd Annual Arab International Retail and SME Forum

3rd Annual Arab International Retail and SME Forum
1 – 2 March 2018   Beirut, Lebanon


 The retail banking industry seeks to offer a full spectrum of fast and safe key services that provide customers with more tailored solutions.

 With the rapid development and growth of digital and electronic banking platforms, raising awareness of modern innovations in retail banking has become imperative as the potential of electronic banking is the wave moving the banking sector towards a more advanced and modern future. This allows banks to increase products, achieve greater profitability and enhance its competitiveness.

 Small and medium-size enterprises are closely linked to these, as SME’s are considered a main driver of economic growth. It is crucial that SME financing operations should keep pace with new technologies in retail banking, internet, and mobile banking.

 This forum sheds light on the latest technological advancements in retail banking and how they contribute to the expansion and spreading of banking services, which enhance financial inclusion and banking literacy. It will also highlight the importance of SME contributions in the development of the national economy and how to prepare and execute the finance strategy for these types of projects through the use of new innovative measures.

 Moreover, the forum aims to discuss the impact of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9 on SME’s and retail credit.

 Who should attend this Forum:

 Heads of retail departments and their main assistants.

Heads of SME’s departments and their main assistants.

Employees of credit departments in banks.

Branch Managers and their main assistants.


 Participants will be able to identify profoundly the modern concepts of retail banking and the latest electronic and digital technologies used in promoting bank products.

 Participants will explore current challenges facing the process of SME and retail financing and how to cope with them for offering best services.

 Participants will explore the impact of IFRS9 on retail and SME’s Credit


 Success Story (Startups).

 Retail Banking strategy to keep up with contemporary challenges.

 The New Technologies in retail banking, disruptive innovation and heading towards digital transformation.

 The future of traditional branches in the era of digital banking.

 Digital Credit Scoring in Retail Banking and SME’s.

 Strategic segmentation of SME’s and cross-selling.

 Digital Marketing.

 The impact of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS ) 9 on SME’s and retail credit.


  A selected group of speakers will cover this forum, from them:

Mrs. Alia Abbas, Director General of Ministry of Economy and Trade - Lebanon.

Mrs. Niven Jameh, Chief Executive Officer - SME’s Finance, Egypt.

Mr. Fadi Shalouhi, Group General Manager, Retail Banking, Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait. (TBC)

Mr. Philippe Al Hajj, Deputy General Manager, Head of Retail Banking Division-Fransabank, Lebanon.

Mr. Tarek Sabry Mitri, Deputy General Manager, Head of Mortgages Financing - Arab African International Bank, Egypt.

Mr. Rafael Ajram, Assistant General Manager, Retail Banking and Marketing-USB Bank, Cyprus.

Mr. Raffoul Raffoul, Assistant General Manager, Head of Group Organization developement, Information systems and operational support - Byblos Bank - Lebanon

Dr. Ahmed Fouad Khalil, First Deputy General Manager, SME’s Sector - Banque Misr, Egypt.

Mrs. Dina Koussa Chamseddine, Assistant General Manager and Head of Commercial Lending & Kafalat Dept. / Credit Libanais Group  - Lebanon.

Dr. Mohammad Fheili, Assistant General Manager - Jammal Trust Bank, Lebanon.

Mr. Mohammad Joudeh, Head of Product Developement Department - Capital Bank Group - Amman.

Mr. Antoine Zarifeh, Head of Branch Network, Fransabank - Lebanon.

Mr. Charles Haddad, Senior Manager / SME’s Loan Marketing Department, Blom Bank, Lebanon.

Dr. Kaissar Jabr, Deputy CEO - Monty Holding, Lebanon

Mr. Ramzi Saboury, Chief Commercial Officer - Areeba S.A.L., Lebanon.

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