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Pressure on Arab Banks:

Arab banking institutions are in an era of volatile markets, strained with political turmoil, rigid foreign regulations and bankrupting sanctions. Eventually, these economic instabilities will exhaust financial and human resources, restrict production and geographical expansions and eventually, push towards takeovers or mergers.

To strive and advance in such uncertain terrains, Arab banking institutions must urgently embrace strategies that enable them to quickly react, adapt and lead.

Quality and innovative guidance and advice is essential during times of uncertainty and financial difficulty.
The UAB-Global Expertise is Affordable for All:

As a globally renowned association, UAB has an incomparable network of banking practitioners that have proven expertise in enhancing and supporting some of the most prominent and respected banking institutions. Unlike conventional consulting firms, UAB is able to influence the price of internationally recognized solutions to more than 50 % below the market rate; offering commonly high budget consulting services at affordable rates to accommodate minimal budget allowances.
An All-Inclusive and Tailored Offer:

The UAB offers best practice guides, organizational structure enhancement and coordination, main and branch office development, and assistance in developing the most impactful job descriptions; all which are tailored to enable your institution to swiftly adapt in shifting markets and evolve with regulatory requirements..


Executives Must React, Adapt & Lead:

As markets change, a bank’s strategy must quickly “React” to overcome unforeseen circumstances and threats while grasping vital opportunities that arise.

High level executives often overlook the fact that when strategies change, the structure, job functions and skill requirements must be reorganized and realigned to accomplish new objectives. The overall failure to internally “Adapt” is what overturns the ability to “Lead,” over competitors.

“Your bank thought of it first…

But your competitors launched it before you!”
Top Reasons to Enhance your Organizational Structure:

• Ensure rapid communication at all hierarchal levels
• Guarantee attainment of objectives through proper coordination of efforts
• Efficiently assign resources and workloads
• Eliminate overlapping and duplication of work
• Lessen conflicts between individuals over jurisdictions; conflict resolution
• Ease work stress and increase employee satisfaction and engagement
• Allocate fair promotion, compensation, and remuneration of personnel
• Increase customer satisfaction, profitability, and support

 Assess your Bank’s Ability to React, Adapt & Lead:

Objectively respond to the below survey and tabulate your Bank’s results:

Sum up only the number of Disagree & Strongly Disagree: 13-15 Excellent, 10 to 12 Acceptable, 8 to 9 Needs Improvement, 0 to 7 Problematic & Requires Immediate Attention.

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