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Project to facilitate compliance with Basel II and III

In 2004, the UAB started, and is still working on a project that is vital and important for the Arab Banking and Financial sector, which mainly revolves around the introduction of the culture of Basel II and III on both theoretical and practical levels to the Arab banks. In this context, the UAB has initiated the project of Arabization of Basel 2 documents, and all documents related to it, directly and indirectly, to form a technical and comprehensive encyclopedia: “The Basel II encyclopedia” which includes five books. The first book deals with the Basel II accord, the second deals with the management of banking risks, the third book is of great importance for the practical application of Basel II, the fourth handles internal and external banking supervision, while the fifth and last book tackles internal and external credit ratings. The UAB has also translated into Arabic all Basel III requirements in a comprehensive book published during the last quarter of 2010, in addition to an addendum concerning Basel III requirements in 2011. In addition and in order to help ensure the proper application of Basel II and III by the Arab Banks, the UAB has organized for several years, seminars and technical workshops in Arab countries, and also specialized internal training programs for Arab banks, in order to help them adhere properly and effectively to Basel II and Basel III requirements.

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