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Initiatives and Projects
The Union of Arab banks has executed over the past years a number of technical and strategic projects which play a key role in supporting the joint Arab financial and banking work.
The Arab Legal Database related to the Banking Profession
This project was launched by the Union of Arab banks, in association with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in 2003.
Project for the Development of Good Governance of Arab banks
Five years ago, the Union of Arab banks approved an initiative to conduct a survey of the reality of governance in the Arab banking sector and the requirements for the commitment of Arab Banks to the international standards generally accepted in this field.
Cooperation initiative with the World Bank for the financing of small and medium enterprises
The Union of Arab Banks also conducted a joint study with the World Bank to assess the availability of funding for small and medium enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa.
Project to facilitate compliance with Basel II and III
In 2004, the UAB started, and is still working on a project that is vital and important for the Arab Banking and Financial sector, which mainly revolves around the introduction of the culture of Basel II and III on both theoretical and practical levels to the Arab banks.
Center for Sound banking practices
In 2006 The Union of Arab banks has established “The Arab Center for Sound Banking Practices” with the aim of transferring most appropriate international banking and financial practices ...
Arab Banks and Financial Institutions Directory
In 2004, the UAB began to issue the “Arab Banks and Financial Institutions Directory”. This directory includes comprehensive and accurate information cards for Arab banks ...
Directory of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions
The UAB issued its new product “The Directory of Islamic banks and financial institutions”. This directory is published annually as one of the most important products of the UAB..
Environmental Initiative
During the last past few years, the UAB began to implement a new initiative oriented towards raising awareness in the banking sector with reference to the importance of taking into account the environment when they sanction investments and facilities...
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