CSR Guidelines for the Financial Sector - page 73

3. Material Issues
After reviewing your organizations CSR position and based on your stakeholder engagement you have in principle
outlined the variables of a “Material” issue to report on.With that inmind it is key to consider how youwill report on
suchmaterial issues i.e. using your own KPI’s, global standards or industry standards?
4. Measureand report onperformance
It is up to each organization to choose thematerial issues onwhich it will report on. Accordingly, you can agree on
the KPI’s by which to judge your performance over time.
5. Developa communicationplan
Upon completion of the content of theCSR report it is valuable to consider how to communicate such report. The
value of the report is in conveying the information therein to the right stakeholders in the right median.
Therefore, please consider developing an overall communication plan. You can do these by considering the
- Definewho are your target audience
- Definewhat are the best ways to communicate to such target audience
-What would be themethodology of feedback?
- Howwill you outreach the target audience i.e. print, howwill it get to them?
6. Draft anddistribute your report
It has proved very valuable to prepare the report with a theme and logical flow that focuses on the issuesmost
relevant to your stakeholders. Thismakes it easier for your stakeholders to reviewwhat they consider is important
without necessarily going through thewhole report. The logical flowwould also incorporate each issue alongwith a
description of actions taken to address such issue. Furthermore, the theme can reflect and support any CSR
statements or commitments youmake.
7. Continuous improvement
TheCSR report is also intended as a tool to ensure continuous improvement. After communicating theCSR report
and ensuring that the report has been read, gather feedback from the stakeholders and general readers as well.
Then begin planning for next year, incorporating all your learning’s.
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