CSR Guidelines for the Financial Sector - page 63

How toattract employees to engage inCSRwithinan organization?
Sometimes its not easy to get employees engaged inCSR activities for several reasons, theymay not have the time or
they have toomuch to do already or simply not interested etc. Some ideas to encourage employees to bemore
engaged inCSR are for organizations to:
- IncorporateCSR performance elements into job descriptions and performance evaluations
- Provide regular updates on progress (inmeetings or the company newsletter)
- Develop incentives (such as rewards for best suggestions)
- Remove or reducing disincentives (e.g. competing interests such as premature deadlines that encourage employees
to choose non-CSR options).
- ProvideCSR training.
Organizations need to provide training for employees involved inCSR to ensure their commitment and to champion
them internally and externally. A comprehensive approach to trainingwill ensure employees have information on the
organization’s CSR strategy, direction, focus areas and initiatives.
Maturity Level
A lot of organizations dabble inCSRwithout a clear realization of where they currently standwith respect toCSR
implementation in terms of decision-making structures, resources they have and capacities available or required. The
initial CSR Assessment outlined in the first chapter of these guidelines provided an outline of the organization’s
maturity with respect toCSR awareness and nowwewill review how to ascertain an organization’smaturity with
respect to its implementation of CSR.
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