CSR Guidelines for the Financial Sector - page 62

Develop an integratedCSR decision-making structure
Set out the necessary CSR culture and policies
Set measurable targets and identify performancemeasures
Engage employees and others whom are affected by theCSR approach of the organization
Engage employees and otherswhomareaffectedby the CSRapproach of the
Following the approach set out in theseCSRGuidelines, engagement with employees and stakeholders has been
repeatedly requested and referred to.
At this stage, and for the implementation of CSR, employee and stakeholder engagement is not only valuable but it
is essential. Although overall CSR success lies with executive commitment CSR implementation lies with employees.
Without effective communicationwith employees onCSR vision, commitments or strategy, it would be difficult to
incentivize employees to be part of the culture, process and innovation pool.
CSRCommunicationwith Employees
During theCSR Survey, 31% stated that their CSR communicationwith their employees was either partially or not very
In engaging employees for the purpose of implementingCSR passionately, it is important that an organization
focuses on:
- Creating employee awareness about CSR
- Ensuring understanding of theCSR Strategy, including the:
• Rationale behind it,
•Approach, and
• Relevance to the organization
- Realization of howCSR is alignedwith the organization and its objectives
-What changes does this commitment toCSR entail and other potential implications
Involving employees in implementingCSR is away to ensure they develop a sense of ownership and pride in the
organization’s CSR activities.
Not very efficient
Very efficient
Partially efficient
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