CSR Guidelines for the Financial Sector - page 60

For example, in VodaphoneQatar were themessage of CSR is built around a purpose-based approach to empower
employees tomake certain decisions along certain principles, the decision-makingmatrix for every department is
built around the I Decide/WeDecideModel.
- Engage employees by:
• Ensuring basic concerns like pay, work-life balance, working environment etc. are addressed
•Creating small incentives that magnify or accentuate potential changes
In reviewing the current existingCSR culture of financial institutions, we ascertained that most organizations have a
median understanding of CSR.
Towhat extent do youhaveaCSRaware culture?
Develop an integratedCSR decision-making structure
Set out the necessary CSR culture and policies
Set measurable targets and identify performancemeasures
Engage employees and others whom are affected by theCSR approach of the organization
Setmeasurable targets and identify performancemeasures
To be able to identify whether an organization has reached its objectives or ismoving towards effective
implementation of CSR, it is important tomeasure performance just like any other business tool or strategy.
In order to do that, an organization needs to set measurable targets for the objectives of its CSR strategy. Targets are
milestones against which an organization can provide progress reporting, ascertain successful achievements and
were necessary re-evaluate theCSR strategy for adjustment if necessary. This adjustment can be to theCSR Strategy
itself or to the resources needed and training to implement suchCSR Strategy.
In and of themselves, targets can also be a source of celebration i.e. ameans to congratulate employees or suppliers
and the organization itself.
Head of Dept. Decides Alone
I Decide
Head of Dept. Decides Based on Input From Employee
I DecideBased on Your Input
Head of Dept. Decides with the Employee
5Not at all
1Great Extent
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