CSR Guidelines for the Financial Sector - page 47

Prepareamatrix of proposedCSRactions and thebusiness case for them.
With this background it should be possible to brainstorm initiatives that address you needs.
Brainstorming Exercies:
In addition to stimulating new ideas, such brainstorming sessions can also generate excitement and build
awareness about CSRwithin the organization.
The brainstorming exercise should consider the following:
- The social and environmental activities and initiatives the organization has undertaken already?
-What has the organization learned about and from others that could be helpful?
-What are the organization’s CSR goals?
-Where could the organization be in 10 years in terms of CSR activities and outcomes?
- If the organization is to be aCSR leader, what changes to current practices and products would need to take place?
- Are there someCSR activities or initiatives the organization could easily undertake now (sometimes referred to as
“low hanging fruit”)?
- Are there areas inwhichCSR changes would have a particularly big impact on the organization and others?What
are they andwhat are the likely impacts?
Quick tips
Determine your priorities before developing your strategy. Priorities will guide the overall strategy.
Becausemany CSR initiatives have resource implications, they should be reviewedwith rigor and
substance, similar to how normal financial and investment decisions are reviewed. A casual approach
could jeopardize the credibility of theCSR initiatives as well as related corporate business prospects.
QuickWin Initiatives for organizations to consider
People are themost important asset any organization can have. Therefore, investing in the employees of an
organization is key to the success of any business. It has been shown that increasing employees’ satisfaction,
commitment and loyalty to an organization is directly correlated to increased productivity and performance of
employees and lower turn over.
In order to achieve such satisfaction, commitment and loyalty, an organization has to invest inCSR for its employees.
Just like any stakeholder group, employees need to be engaged in the organization’s CSR strategy and need to feel
part of the process and beneficiaries of the process. However, in terms of basic practices of CSR for employees,
below are some initiatives that any and every organization can undertake.
These can be considered as low hanging fruits to demonstrate the added value of CSR and get more buy-in from
employees in general and key executives. Also, it is a valuable approach to beginwith before investing heavily in ad
hoc CSR initiatives.
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