CSR Guidelines for the Financial Sector - page 39

What does aCSR Strategy Entail?
In principle, CSR can be divided into four segments:Workplace (diversity and equal opportunities policies),
Marketplace (procurement and investment policies), Community (corporate community involvement policies) and
Each organization is unique in its interests, target audience, stakeholders and leadership, therefore, eachCSR
Strategy is unique for each organization. Therefore, it would be difficult to ascertain aCSR Strategy for organizations
through theseCSRGuidelines; however, what we aim to achievewith theseCSRGuidelines is to provide a tool to
help you develop your ownCSR Strategy.
How toDevelopaCSR Strategy?
For aCSR strategy to succeed it is important to base it on stakeholders’ expectations and opinions and the
organization’s values. The following diagram describes a process to follow to support you in creating aCSR strategy
for your organization.
•How diverse are your staffs?
•How robust are your equal
•Are you promoting adequate
work – life balance?
•How ethical are your
•How responsible are your
procurement policies?
•How responsible are your
products and communication
about them
•How responsible are your
community investments?
•How are your engagingwith
the community?
•What is your impact on the
•How efficient are your in the
use of resources?
•What is the environmental
impact of your product
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