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Annex B -How todoanAssessment?
Undertaking aCSR assessment can be as simple or advanced as an organizationwould like it to be. However, for
the purpose of theseCSRGuidelines, outlined below is a straightforward four-step process for aCSR assessment that
is applicable to financial institutions and can be done in-house to gauge the organizations CSR status. Please note
this is not the only way to do an assessment but it is a suggestive approach.
StepOne: CSR Leadership Team
It is important to empower a team to advocate and championCSR in an organization. Members of such a team can
be from all levels including boardmembers, seniormanagers and line staff asmay be relevant depending on the
interest areas of the organization or perceived direction of the organization i.e. a focus or interest in environment will
requiremoremembers from the health and safety teamwhilst a focus on social investment will requiremore
members from diverse society backgrounds that can feed into and drive theCSR direction.
It is vitally important though that such aCSR Leadership Team be accountable to seniormanagement and ultimately
the board so as not to loose the desired vision of the organization in the bureaucratic layers of larger financial
Step Two: Defining the Scope of CSR
CSR is a very nascent concept alongwith all its associated terminologies. Accordingly, to succeed in creating buy-in
for CSR and ensuring aCSR consensus, it is critical to ascertain and define the scope of CSR andwhat it means to
the organization. Contrary to common belief there are no limitations towhat CSR can include or exclude or how
specific or broad the scope of CSR can be. For example: CSR can be defined as “the social investment in the
community” or “the investments to developmental organizations focused on the education of persons between the
age group 12-18.”
CSR Leadership Team
Step Two:
Defining the Scope of CSR
Step Three:
ReviewCurrent Structure
Step Four:
Engaging Key Stakeholders
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