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THE INTERNATIONAL ARAB BANKING SUMMIT, IABS 2017 “Finance in an Unpredictable World”

“Finance in an Unpredictable World”
1st & 2nd of May 2017 / London, United Kingdom

The Union of Arab Banks will host the Annual International Arab Banking Summit (IABS) for 2017 in London-United Kingdom on the 1st & 2nd of May 2017. The Summit is the Annual international platform for ministers, governors of central banks, leading bankers, decision-makers and representatives of public and private sectors from various continents to meet and discuss issues of concern to the international banking community and wider world economy

Despite all economic and financial improvements recorded across the Globe in 2016, the uncertainty is still prevailing in both developed and developing countries.

According to the IMF, the financial institutions in developed economies still face several cyclical and structural challenges and need to adapt particularly to low economic growth and low interest rates, in addition to the evolving market and regulatory environment. Additionally, weak profitability may weakens advanced economies banks’ buffers. Therefore, more deep reforms and systemic management are needed, especially for European banks. And with very limited post-Brexit macroeconomic data so far, uncertainty about its macroeconomic impact remains especially in Europe. This may be coupled with noneconomic challenges, such as geopolitical and political uncertainty. Overall, the sizable uncertainty and downside risks may fuel further political discontent in the advanced economies.

Regarding large emerging economies, corporate leverage remains elevated in many countries, which puts serious challenges for these economies.
Several emerging market and developing economies face discouraging policy challenges in adjusting their policies to lower commodity prices, which will be translated particularly in sharp decline in growth in emerging markets.
Moreover, the political climate is worrying in many countries, and the lack of income growth and a rise in inequality may open the door for populist, inward-looking policies.

Consequently by the end of 2016, the IMF revised its global growth forecast down by 0.1%for 2016 and 2017, reflecting more subdued outlook for the advanced economies. This was mainly due to the June U.K. vote in favor of Brexit, and the weaker-than-expected growth in the United States. These political and economic developments have put further pressures on global interest rates, and uncertainty in monetary policy short-term trends. The IMF stresses that despite the fact that markets reaction to Brexit calmed gradually, the eventual impact remains very uncertain, as the institutional and trade arrangements between the UK and the EU is still uncertain.

The London Summit aims at presenting:
• Brexit: the new economic and financial relationships between UK and the EU.
• The political and economic strategies of the new US administration: its domestic and global effects.
• The Impact of new regulatory and supervisory requirements on global banking.
• 2017 G20 priorities: Building Resilience; Improving Sustainability; Assuming Responsibility.
• Basel 4
• Public-private partnership opportunities and financing for development
• When Business meet Politics, the Golden opportunity.

The objective of the IABS 2017 is to facilitate the discussion on finance in unpredictable world among banking and financial leaders in addition to public and private sectors’ officials, support in designing policies and strategies to face structural challenges in Europe and the Arab Region, and showcase successful international experiences. Topics of discussion during the summit will focus on Brexit, Impact of the new US administration policies and strategies on Europe, 2017 G20 agenda, and the public - private sector partnership opportunities and financing for development.

The annual International Arab Banking Summit will comprise of the following elements:
• Working papers, by senior government and banking officials, and leading economic and financial experts from the Arab region and the international community.
• Panel discussions, moderated by senior bankers and businessmen thus allowing for more informative, in-depth and useful sessions.
• An exhibition for sponsoring institutions, whereby the participating institutions and companies would be able to establish and develop business ties.

• By attending this conference and benefiting from the valuable discussions brought by internationally renowned speakers, and meeting fellow peers from the regional and international fronts
• By sponsoring the activities of the conference and benefiting from the wide range of privileges (marketing, branding, media recognition, etc…)
- For information on attending the summit send an email to uab-
- For information on sponsoring the summit send an email to

The International Arab Banking Summit platform for representatives of the public and private sectors, as well as leading bankers, to meet and discuss issues of utmost concern to the Arab, European and international economies as well as their financial institutions.

The Summit, through its plenary panel discussions, will focus on shaping some ideas, amidst the recent developments, about new areas of partnering which could put the Arab and international economies, businesses, and financial institutions on the right track towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

The Summit also introduces sponsors to the Arab region and worldwide. Sponsors have the opportunity to demonstrate to a high-profile audience areas in which their organizations excel.

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