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The Arab Legal Database related to the Banking Profession

This project was launched by the Union of Arab banks, in association with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in 2003. This database exists on the website of the Union of Arab Banks, and is available to the Arab banking, financial, legal and financial communities and the public for neither financial return nor any other liabilities. The UAB is currently in the process of translating this database into the English language to make it accessible on the global level, thus enhancing the global knowledge of the Arab Financial Arena and enhancing foreign direct investment. The database is updated on a yearly basis, which enables it to offer Arab and foreign economic, financial, banking and legal institutions and organizations with information constantly up to date, related to all laws, legislations, rules and regulations governing the financial and banking sector in all Arab countries.

روابط سريعة
مقالات الرئيس، اعضاء مجلس الإدارة و الامين العام
خدمات استشارية عالمية في متناول الجميع
مجلة الاتحاد - العدد 468 تشرين الثاني / نوفمبر 2019
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